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Why doesn't Festival Plaza show that I've encountered a shiny Pokémon?

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So I don't understand... idk if it just hasn't updated, or what, but my Festival Plaza Rank is 52, and I've beat the Pokémon league, caught the ultra beasts, unlocked the super battles at the battle tree, and even beat master rank in the Battle Royal.

So I can't imagine what the problem is, other than "encountering" semantics? Like, maybe it didn't count because I chained it instead of just experiencing a random shiny Pokémon pop up on the first try?

Basically, I spent 3.5 hours chaining Ditto's on Mt. Hokulani, which paid off, I got a blue shiny ditt, I named it 'Blue Goo' and it's now in the day care center to hatch eggs.

And yet the Miscellaneous Ranking on my friend's Pokémon Moon says I have encountered 0 Shiny Pokémon!??

Please help!!

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It does this to me as well.
You said your FRIEND'S Moon.
He means that he checked his own ranking on his friend's Moon
I don't get it anymore.
@Primal Groudon I mean that I used my friend's game to check my achievements or whatever on Plaza, because you can't view you own achievements from your game, as far as rankings like Miscellaneous/Shiny encounters
Mosmic Power was right; I just explained further

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