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So I don't understand... idk if it just hasn't updated, or what, but my Festival Plaza Rank is 52, and I've beat the Pokémon league, caught the ultra beasts, unlocked the super battles at the battle tree, and even beat master rank in the Battle Royal.

So I can't imagine what the problem is, other than "encountering" semantics? Like, maybe it didn't count because I chained it instead of just experiencing a random shiny Pokémon pop up on the first try?

Basically, I spent 3.5 hours chaining Ditto's on Mt. Hokulani, which paid off, I got a blue shiny ditto, I named it 'Blue Goo' and it's now in the day care center to hatch eggs.

And yet the Miscellaneous Ranking on my friend's Pokémon Moon says I have encountered 0 Shiny Pokémon!??

Please help!!

EDIT: I've also hatched a shiny Honedge and a shiny Mareanie thru Masuda Method, although the Mareanie was an accident; I was just trying to get perfect stats...still nothing tho

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It does this to me as well.
You said your FRIEND'S Moon.
He means that he checked his own ranking on his friend's Moon
I don't get it anymore.
@Primal Groudon I mean that I used my friend's game to check my achievements or whatever on Plaza, because you can't view you own achievements from your game, as far as rankings like Miscellaneous/Shiny encounters
Mosmic Power was right; I just explained further
I know that this question is over half a year old and I probably won't get any response, but when you checked the miscellaneous ranking on your friend's game, had your system been connected to the internet at all from before the time you caught the Ditto and when you checked your friend's game? If your system wasn't connected to the internet, I'm pretty sure that the reason that it wasn't showing that you had caught any shiny Pokemon is because your friend's game couldn't know that you had encountered a shiny Pokemon on your game, as your friend's game couldn't receive the data (Or whatever happens) that says "Hey mate your good buddy pal friend has caught a nifty shiny Pokeman update your stuff."
@Hellfire Taco nah you're good I do the same thing all the time ;D
But are you serious? I have to have internet in order to have it count? Cuz that's not reeeeally too much of a prob, but the thing is, I only have a Personal Hotspot on my iPhone that my 3DS can piggy-back off of, and I don't have it on all the time. And, I don't know when I'm gonna get a shiny.

So idk. I've encountered the shiny Ditto thru chaining, as well as a shiny Honedge thru masuda method, and also got real lucky when trying to breed for a perfect 6 IV Mareanie, and got a shiny one, which I was NOT expecting. Thanks for the info; I'll check your other link
Yeah that's garbage that you have to have internet all the time. I only have it when I need it because it eats battery stupid fast
I didn't mean that you need to have internet for it to count when you encounter a shiny Pokemon, (But it is possible that that is the case) I meant that it wouldn't update until you have internet.
Also, are you able to check on your friend's game now? It might just take a long time to update
Uhh yeah just a sec.  And yeah...personally it's dumb either way. It would be so much nicer if it was simple
I don't really get how something needing internet to upload data or whatever to the internet so other people can see that data through the internet is dumb, but whatever you say.
Scratch that; I can't find my sister's game (yes that was the "friend" I was referring to; same difference, right? ...it was just less complicated) but I can't find her Moon right now. I'll comment if anything changes, sorry.

Thanks for the heads-up, tho; that's the best help I've gotten so far
And I say it's dumb, only because not everyone has internet access, and there's a lot of people like me that don't have it all the time. Maybe if it could be saved to the game card like everything else is....idk
I'm pretty sure that it is saved to the game card. It just needs internet in order to show the data do other people.

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The Shiny Pokemon Encountered count in the Festival Plaza is indeed tied to Wild Encounters. It does not increment on shiny SOS encounters, gifts, or hatched eggs.

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Thank you for a definitive answer. I still think that’s bull crap tho
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@sumwun thanks I was wondering about that; I didn’t see it (my phone is cracked really badly)