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What are name origins of all Sun and Moon Pokemon?

By SM Pokemon, do you mean all the Pokemon in SM, all the Pokemon obtainable in SM, or all the Pokemon introduced in SM?
The person probably means all the Pokemon introduced in S/M.
You can find a name origin for every pokemon by simply looking it up on this site. It is a Pokemon database after all.
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They aren't added for the gen 7 Pokemon yet...
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Rowlet - combination of round or arrow and owlet.
Dartrix - combination of dart and the genus Strix or tricks.
Decidueye - combination of deciduous, duel, and deadeye.
Litten - combination of lit, little, and kitten.
Torracat - combination of torrid (very hot and dry) and cat. It may also involve tora, Japanese for tiger.
Incineroar - combination of incinerate and roar.
Popplio - combination of sea lion pup, pop (Hawaiian for ball) and ʻīlio-holo-i-ka-uaua (Hawaiian for the Hawaiian monk seal; meaning "dog that runs in rough water").
Brionne - combination of brio (vivacity of style or performance), sea lion, brine, and ondine (a type of female water nymph or mermaid).
Primarina - combination of prima donna, marina, and ballerina.
Pikipek - combination of picus (Latin for woodpecker) and peck.
Trumbeak - combination of trumpet and beak.
Toucannon - combination of toucan and cannon.
Yungoose - combination of young and mongoose.
Gumshoos - combination of gumshoe (detective) and mongoose.
Grubbin - combination of grub and grubbing, to scavenge or dig.
Charjabug - combination of charge and bug.
Vikavolt - combination of vice grip or wicga (Old English for insect) and volt.
Crabrawler - combination of crab and brawler.
Crabawminable -combination of crab and abominable snowman.
Oricorio - combination of oriole and choreography.
Cutiefly - combinatio of cutie and fly.
Ribombee - combination of ribbon and bee.
Rockruff - combination of rock and rough.
Lycanrock - combination of Lycanthrope and rock.
Wishiwashi - a play on the japanese word for sardene, iwashi.
Mareanie - combination of marine and meanie.
Toxapex - combination of toxic and apex.
Mudbray - combination of mud and bray (cry of a donkey).
Mudsdale - combination of mud and Clydesdale.
Dewpider - combination of dew and spider.
Araquanid - combination of aqua and arachnid.
Fomantis - combination of faux (false) and mantis.
Laurantis - combination of lure, allure, fleur (French for flower), and mantis.
Morelull - combination of morel and lull.
Shiinotic - combination of shiitake(type of mushroom), shine (die), and hypnotic.
Salandit - combination of salamander and bandit.
Salazzle - combination of salamnder and dazzle or sizzle.
Stufful - derived from "stuffed animal".
Bewear - comnbination of bewear, wear and bear.
Bounsweet - combination of bounce and sweet.
Steenee - combination of mangosteen and tiny (teeny) or teenager.
Tsareena - combination of tsarina, a Russian female monarch, and serene. It may also incorporate queen.
Comfey - combination of comfy, comfort, comfrey, fey, and lei.
Oranguru - combination of orangutan and guru.
Passimian - combination of pass and simian.
Wimpod - combination of wimp and the taxonomic term pod (foot), such as in "isopod".
Golisopod - combination of Goliath and isopod.
Sandygast - combination of sand and ghast.
Palossand - combination of palace and sand. It may be a pun on pile of sand.
Pyukumuku - combination of puke, cucumber, and mucus.
Type: Null - literally type and null (nothing).
Silvally - combination of silver and ally. It contains all which could be arefenrece to its ability.
Minior - combination of minor, mini, meteor, junior, and armor.
Komala - combination of koala and coma.
Turtonator - combination of turle and detonator.
Togedemaru - literally means thorned and round in japanese ( 棘で丸 toge de maru)
Mimikyu - combination of mimic and you.
Bruxish - combination of bruxism and fish.
Drampa - combination of dragon and grampa (grandfather).
Dhelmise - combination of demise and helm.
Jangmo-o - combination of jangling and moʻo (Hawaiian for lizard or dragon).
Hakamo-o - Haka, a type of war dance involving vigorous movements and foot stamping, and mo'o (Hawaiian for lizard or dragon).
Kommo-o - Commotion (in reference to the noises produced by its scales) and mo'o (Hawaiian for lizard or dragon).
Tapu Koko - combination of tapu (Hawaiian for sacred or holy) and kokō (Hawaiian onomatopoeia for a rooster's crowing).
Tapu Lele - combination of tapu (sacred, holy) and pulelehua (Hawaiian for butterfly).
Tapu Bulu - combination of tapu (sacred, holy) and bull.
Tapu Fini - combination of tapu (sacred, holy) and fin.
Cosmog - combination of cosmos and smog.
Cosmoes - combination of cosmos and embryo.
Solgale - combination of sol (Latin for sun) and leo (Latin for lion). It also incorporated Galileo.
Lunala - combination of lunar and ala (latin for wing).
Nihilego - combination of nihil (Latin for indefinite nothing) and ego (Latin for I), which together roughly translates to "I am nothing" or "I have nothing".
Buzzwole - combination of buzz and the slang word swole which means muscular.
Pheromosa -combination of pheromone and hermosa (Spanish for beautiful) or formosa (Italian for shapely; Portuguese for beautiful).
Xurkitree - combination of a corruption of circuitry and tree.
Celesteela - combination of celestial, steel and stella (Latin for star).
Kartana - combination of katana, a Sanskrit word for "cutting". It may also incorporate katana, charta (Latin for paper), or Curtana, the British ceremonial sword used at the coronations for kings and queens.
Guzzlord - combination of guzzle (to eat or drink in a greedy manner) and lord.
Necrozma - combination of νεκρός nekrós (Ancient Greek for dead), 黒 kuro (black), and πρῖσμα prîsma (Ancient Greek for prism).It may also be based off of Project Ozma, an experiment made to search for extraterrestrial life.
Magearna - combination of machina, Latin for machine, and gear.
Marshadow - combination of martial arts, nightmarcher, and shadow.

Source: Bulbapedia.

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