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I don't think you can use them anymore, in official formats at least.
that's a shame, but do you think it is worth using them in the tcg online or against a friend? are they still valuable in this meta?
heatrean LVX is badass
I can't speak for the TCG online, but against friends I would totally use them if you want to. They're good cards, just they're not allowed in official formats :)
Astronautical, you could have answered, you know?

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As far as casual battles with friends, Lv X cards can still be quite good. Older cards aren't necessarily worse than new cards (shout out to the MVP of my Grass deck, Slice Drain Sceptile), so if there's some good Lv X's in your collection, there's no reason you can't use them! I don't know how the online TCG works, but if there's no age limit on cards then it's the same answer :)

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