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Ok so I have looked up on how to get chansey with seismic toss but I am wondering how to get wish on it as well. The set I am running for it is Wish Heal Bell Seismic Toss and Toxic. Does anyone know how the heck I can get wish on it?


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  1. Find someone who got a wish Chansey from the 2004-2005 event and has it on a Generation 3 game
  2. Trade the Chansey to Fire Red, Leaf Green, or Emerald and have a move tutor teach it seismic toss
  3. Transfer it to HGSS, BW2, or ORAS and have a move tutor teach it heal bell
  4. Teach it toxic by TM

There were lots of sources, so I was too lazy to list all of them. If you want the source for a certain part of the answer, then I'll link you to it.

Seismic Toss is also an Egg Move from Mawile.
Yeah, but a Chansey that hatched from an egg can't learn wish.