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So I have been wanting to use a Ludicolo in my AS team for a while now, but I don't know if Ludicolo is a good Pokemon or not.

Also, I am wondering if Ludicolo would be best as an attacker or a Sp. Attacker, or a tank?

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I'm pretty sure Ludicolo is a very good Pokemon for in-game use. Lotad can be caught early, so it can be useful for most of the playthrough. Its base special attack is 90, which is pretty good. It can easily learn good STAB attacks, like surf and giga drain. The water stone is also pretty easy to get. I think the best set for in-game use is swift swim, rain dance, surf, giga drain, some HM move.
Dang it, it is much better than you think it is. In the Elite Four I swept all of them with lvl 46 Pokemon, but there was ludicolo on Wallace's team. HE SINGLE HANDILY swept through my whole team. I resorted to Altaria but somehow leach seed was doing 20 hp per a turn and then he SPAMMED THAT BS DOUBLE TEAM . I clicked on fly and ice beam 50 times total and it only hitted 4 times, I got him to low health but Wallace used a full restore. I resorted to PP stalling. For that one Pokemon I used 24 hyper potions and 12 revives. The only way I manage to kill that dang it ludicolo was through the recoil caused by struggle. Even his Milotic wasn't a problem for me, his ACE was easily taken cared of, but his LUDICOLO swept through my team. The single Pokemon fight took me 20 mins to finish and a lot of stress. IF THAT ludicolo wasn't on the team I would've swept the E4 and the champ in less than 15 mins with lvl 45 Pokemon. It has pretty good type coverage being only weak to posions and flying and because you can get it early on it is pretty good. Its wide movepool also adds to it, overall I think Ludicolo is a decent pokemon I'm planning to add one on my team later. The battling part was just to show how good it could be if you used it right.
The question is about using Ludicolo, not battling against Ludicolo.

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Yes, Ludicolo is definetely I Pokemon worth getting and like sumwun pointed out Lotad can be caught very early in the game and is easy enough to evolve into Ludicolo "so it can be useful for most of the playthrough". And with high Sp. Def, good Sp. Atk. The other stats are good and even aswell.

I would recommend Ludicolo to act a mix between tank and Sp. Attacker.
I'll make a list of Nature, EVs and moves below, and altough I understand that you might not EV-train it, I'll do it just to cover as much as I can in case you or anyone else wants to.

Item: Leftovers
Ability: Rain Dish
Nature: Modest Nature
EVs for tank: 252 Sp. Def / 252 Def / 4 Sp. Atk
EVs for mixed: 252 Sp. Atk / 126 Sp. Def / 130 Def
Moves for tank: Giga Drain, Surf, Toxic and Rain Dance
Moves for mixed: Giga Drain, Surf, Rain Dance and Ice Beam

Please do remember that this is my opinion and I'm stating facts about what's the best setup. Infact I am very new to this and I may be completely wrong here.
But I do hope I helped you atleast a little. :)
-I like Gibble

P.S reading this through again I realized I made quite few typos... Please ignore those :)

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I don't think Ludicolo really needs toxic or ice beam, or maybe even rain dance. Those move slots would usually be better filled with HMs.