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Ok so my friend has a kanghastan and I was wondering if a snorlax with a gourgeist with trick or treat to help snorlax.WOuld be a good counter.Or if a Espeon would.

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To Kill a Kangaskhan:

- Close Combat anything, really.
- Will-o-Wisp or dual Intimidates will be more consistent than Trick-or-Treat.
- Disable Mega Gengar. She can's touch you after you've disabled Sucker Punch.
- Superpower.
- Steel-types like Substitute Aegislash, Rocky Helmet Ferrothorn and Scizor who either don't take supereffective damage from Low Kick or punish her severely for doing so.

All of the above methods are better than Snorlax, Gourgheist and Espeon.

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Kangaskhan is difficult to counter because of two reasons.

  • Parental Bond. This allows Kangaskhan to essentially gain a Choice Band boost, but in multi hit form. This eliminates a good majority Focus Sashers and Substitute users as potential checks or counters.
  • Scrappy. Kangaskhan and chose not to Mega Evolve when a Ghost type is on the opponent's side, because Scrappy will let them hit Ghost moves with Normal STAB, which is not resisted.

Furthermore, Kangaskhan achieves great neutral coverage with Crunch, Earthquake, and Return, and combined with potential boosts from Power-Up Punch, you'll have a monster facing you in no time. However, that doesn't mean Kangaskhan doesn't have any flaws.

  • Kangaskhan despises status. It has no way of removing them, and in a metagame like the ubers metagame, there aren't that many Pokemon around that carry cleric support (ouside of Blissey and Xerneas). So one way to check Kangaskhan would be to preferably to burn it or paralyze it. Paralyzing it forces it to rely on Sucker Punch against now faster threats, which can be exploited (carefully). Burning it significantly reduces its damage output, as well as taking residual damage each turn. Since the ubers metagame is full of hazard setters, as well as the decresing popularity in Defog users outside of Arceus and Rapid Spinners outside of Excadrill, it can wear Kangaskhan down quickly.
  • Ferrothorn: Kangaskhan can do little against Ferrothorn, outside of the rare Fire Punch, of course. The amount of residual damage it provides through Iron Barbs, Rocky Helmet, Leech Seed, as well as the potential Toxic stacks up quite quickly, especially when Protect is run alongside. Kangaskhan will typically go for Earthquake on Ferrothorn, not wanting to risk the potential residual damage from contact moves.
  • Fighting types: Most Fighting types can only check Kangaskhan, outside of something like bulky Arceus-Fighting. As a large number of Fighting types run in Ubers are faster than Kang, they can put a huge dent into its health, such as Blaziken's High Jump Kick, Terrakion's Close Combat, and more.
  • Bulky Ghosts: Most Pokemon will want to watch out for Crunch and Sucker Punch, but have enough bulk to survive an unboosted hit, and retaliate with Will-O-Wisp.
  • Intimidate: Although uncommon outside of Landorus-Therian and Mawile, Intimidate lowers Kang's damage output significantly.
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I would say Mega-Sableye is a good counter.

First off, Mega-Sableye's typing is great for beating Mega-Kangaskhan becaus its movepool is generally limited to Fake Out, Earthquake, Power-Up Punch, Sucker Punch, Crunch, Return, and Double Edge. This shallow movepool means that Mega-Kangaskhan can only hit Mega-Sableye neutrally.

In addition, Sableye gets access to Will-O-Wisp, which can seriously hinder Kangaskhan's power.

Finally, Sableye's great bulk allows it to wear down Mega-Kangaskhan with the damage from burn. It also has access to Recover, which is extremely helpful.

Usage Tips

  • Try to leave Mega-Kangaskhan the last member on the opposing team and make sure that you save Sableye for Kangaskhan.

  • Because Kangaskhan may have Scrappy before Mega-Evolving, Kangaskhan can attack Sableye with a powerful STAB. I would suggest that you prevent mega-evolving Sableye, so that it still can hit Kangaskhan with a Prankster-boosted Will-O-Wisp.

  • After you get to burn Kangaskhan, I would suggest mega-evolving Sableye, then spam Recover + Protect + Knock Off (be careful of Sucker Punch though).

  • The only real threat to Sableye is if Kangaskhan (with Scrappy) tries to set up Power-Up Punch. In that case, try to use a combination of Protect and Recover. Don't use an attacking move because it would be a waste of a turn and Kangaskhan can get a power boost from Power-Up Punch. You can already lower it down with the Burn damage.

  • Setting up Stealth Rock and Spikes can be an extra precaution if the above scenario happens. It can deal around 37% of Kangaskhan's HP (whenever it switches in) if you set up Spikes three times and Stealth Rock once. Ferrothorn and Skarmory can do this effectively and they can also wall Mega-Kangaskhan (Low Kick may be a problem, however, so I suggest letting Mega-Sableye wall Kangaskhan).

Moveset for Mega-Sableye:

Sableye @ Sablenite
Ability: Prankster
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Def / 8 SpD
Impish Nature
- Knock Off / Foul Play
- Will-O-Wisp
- Recover
- Protect / Fake Out

I mean which one is Snorlax even a  good counter?!

252+ Atk Parental Bond Mega Kangaskhan Low Kick (120 BP) vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Snorlax: 208-248 (77.9 - 92.8%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
None of the Pokemon you listed are counters to Kangaskhan.
........... My friend dont got low kick.
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I say aegislash is a good choice since it's a steel/ghost type. Plus kanashkan cant used fake out or power up punch since it is best with those two moves. Also since aegislash has king's shield, it works mainly to your advantage.

Not really. The standard Aegislash set is 2HKO'd by Earthquake and OHKO'd in Blade form. Sacred Sword can't OHKO it back, so Aegislash actually loses to Kangaskhan, assuming Kangaskhan is at full health. King's Shield is predictable, and since Earthquake doesn't make contact, using King's Shield is like using Protect - it achieves nothing.
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Porygon2 evolite bold 252hp/def with foul play,ice beam,recover,T-wave. will counter most high Attack threats.
eg. Garchomp,Aegislagh,M-Kangaskhan,M-salamence.

I feel its almost 100% necessary to have a foul play user in Rating BSS that is if your not already running all 3 status's toxic,will-o-wisp and thunder wave

NOTE: t-wave works well paired with fast substitutes,confusion and flinching Pokemon