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Gender dosen't determine stats.
Only EV's,IV's and some natures determine stats.
According to whom? And if gender determines EVs and IVs, does it not also determine stats by extension of that?
Fizz, I'm fairly certain that gender does not determine EVs nor IVs.
I'm aware of that.
Fizz, it wasn't claimed by Pokemon Poppilio that gender determines EVs, Natures and IVs, but that only EVs, Natures and IVs affect stats. Which is correct.
He edited the comment after I posted mine, originally the comment did make that claim. And it's still incorrect anyway, because it's missing level which also affects stats.

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The only Pokémon that come to mind with noticeable stat differences based on gender are Nidoking and Nidoqueen, which are actually different species. (Nidoking has more punch, Nidoqueen is more bulky.) Other Pokémon with different forms for male and female, such as Meowstic and Unfezant, are otherwise identical. Gender occasionally influences evolutions, for example Gallade and Vespiquen. But there is no difference in base stats.