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Cozmo doesn't have a plant name but most if not all other professors do. (Oak, Juniper, Mohn, etc.) Is Cozmo the only exception to this rule? Or did I get it completely wrong and Cozmo is a plant name in a different language?

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What game is Cozmo from?
Ruby and Sapphire
I'm too lazy to answer in-depth but here are some resources for those who are bothered.

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Thanks, Indi for the sites on Pokémon Professors. Now, the reasoning for Professor Cozmo's name not deriving from a plant species is that he is a meteoriticist, a scientists who deals with meteorites. Bulbapedia's Trivia on Pokémon Professors states that "all core series Professors and Professor Willow (from Pokémon GO) are named after a type of tree.". Also, under the Names category for Professor Cozmo, his Japanese name "Dr. Takao Soraishi" comes from Sora (sky), Ishi (rock), and Takai (high).

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Cozmo's name could be based on the Cosmos flower.
Bulbapedia says that it's based on the cosmos, as in the universe, but it could be either.

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