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I have:

  • Incineroar
  • Vikavolt
  • Lurantis
  • Palossand
  • Kommo-o

Who do I add as my 6th Pokémon and I'm only going for that gen Pokémon

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Araquanid or Golisopod might be a good choice.
Any other choices that are good
movesets would be helpful
TMs are unlimited use in these games, so movesets can easily be changed. The movesets should be based on the team members, not the other way around.
I would suggest Mudbray, Wishiwashi, or Dewpider mainly because the former two have good stats and Dewpider has a pretty overpowered ability.

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Maybe a poison or steel type for the fairies. I would recommend Crobat.

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He specifically wanted a Generation 7 Pokemon that wasn't ice-weak.
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Your team needs somebody fast. The only fast one on is Kommo-o and its not even that fast :D Here are some candidates to choose from.

  • Lycanroc
  • Passimian
  • Silvally
  • Oricorio
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To cover weaknesses, I would choose Araquanid For some of the common types you encounter. Another strong choice would be Tapu Koko. Although this poke cannot obtain many good fairy moves, you may have a Pokemon to resist the Dragon-type moves, and to back up Vikavolt with flying types.
It seems that there is a lack of speedy Pokemon on this team. Aerodactyl is quite underrated, and can even mega evolve. Pheromosa has poor defense, which you totally have covered. Its Attack and Sp. Atk can be quite the surprise to opponents.
My last suggestion would have to go to Mimikyu. Its ability (if you didn't already know) allows it to take the first incoming attack and experience no damage. Its unique typing of Fairy/Ghost makes it immune to Dragon, Normal, and Fighting. It learns many good moves, such as Wood Hammer. If you have some TMs, you may teach it Thunderbolt, Psychic, etc.
There's my top 5.

Note that Aerodactyl is obtainable in Sun and Moon, but is gen 1.
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Well, you have no water type. So, that's a good place to start. It may be hard to catch, but it has one of the best priority moves in all of Pokemon when it evolves. That Pokemon is Wimpod. Sure its ability is bad and gets two level up moves until it evolves (Struggle Bug and Sand-Attack). You will have another bug type, but it will be useful for the rest of your journey. With access to poison type moves, rock type moves, and ice type moves, it has a lot of coverage.

This is one of the hardest Pokemon in Alola to find but it is worth it. This Pokemon is of course Mareenie later to Toxapex. It is the way better poison water type in this region and has an amazing move set. Its signature move Baneful Bunker protects the target and poison the opposing Pokemon if protected from a physical attack. Ice beam, Liquidation, and Sludge bomb are all great moves. It can also abuse recover, rest, and light screen.

So, for the fact that you don't have a water type, these two generation 7 Pokemon are my picks for your 6th party slot.

Wimpod is annoying to use because it forces itself to switch, and Mareanie is annoying to use because it takes a long time to finish battles. I think the best water type (for him) is Wishiwashi.