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Icicle Crash has never even been a TM in any game, so you don't have that as an option anyway. In order to pass it down as an egg move, the only compatible fathers are Beartic or, if you're in Sun or Moon, Alola Sandslash works too.

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The only other way sneasel can learn Icicle Crash is by learning it through an egg move. I won't go into how to to that here, but if you want to know how to get an egg move on a Pokemon here is Bulbapedia's page on egg moves.

In order to breed a sneasel, you can either breed a sneasel/weavile with a ditto, another sneasel/weavile or a male Pokemon of the same egg group (if the female isn't sneasel/weavile the Pokemon you hatch won't be a sneasel) since both sneasel and weavile belong to the field egg group here is a list of Pokemon in the field group that sneasel/weavile breed with.

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