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Was it to nerf the "overpowered" Dragon-types, just to make the number of types in the Type Chart an even number, or both?

Are you asking why Fairy type was created, or why it was introduced in Gen 6 specifically?
Both, really.

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There are two potential reasons why the fairy type was added in Generation 6.
1. Obviously, it was added to balance the overpowered dragon type. The last dragon user being Draden and Iris, which were very overpowered trainers at the the time of black and white. The dragon users were so overpowered, that before generation 4, gamefreak was thinking of adding the beast type, balancing all the types. This type was unreleased and is now thought of as a myth or a lie.
2. Poison types for the most part didn't have much use until Generation 6. The fairy type was used as another type balancer and game changer because Pokemon like togekiss, azumarill, and gardevoir were seen more often. So, now poison types like drapion were more common.

So, the fairy type was added to match the dragon type and give other types a chance in competitive play.

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as a competitive player in vgc i experienced on my skin the lack of switch ins for an hydreigon's draco meteor for example, the source was my experience, and many other professional vgc players claim a nerf for dragon types since 2011, and of course it affect a playthough but it wasn't added for that, the fact that affect the adventure is a counter-effect derived from the need to nerf dragons in competitive play
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