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I'm not quite sure whether this question is against the rules or not, but I really don't understand why Delphox gets so much hate. Do people just like Braixen better? (Because that's the impression I've been getting.)

I can take this question down if it breaks the rules.

I don't know, but I don't care. I like Delphox  (my fav Psychic-type) and it was my starter in X.
I'm pretty sure this question is against the rules for being entirely opinion-based, but we've had similar questions like this before. I'm going to flag it to get a mod's attention and let them decide.
Yeah. The one thing that makes me unsure is that the question does not ask for an opinion directly (ex: "I hate Delphox"), rather, it asks why many people hold a certain opinion ("Delphox is hated because it has a bad design").
I guess we'll see what the mods think about this question.
Although for the record, Delphox and its evolution are my favorite of the Gen 6 starters
Same, KRLW890.
The only possible answer I know is that Braixen and Delphox are popular for hentai.
Questions like these have been asked in the past (https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/search?q=Why+do+so+many+people+hate) but I didn't think Delphox actually received that much hate... I'll just remove the flags since the question is allowed for all I care! :D There can be an objective motivation behind why a group of people hate something.
People mistook it's design as "4th Fire/Fighting starter in a row." And got angry when they found out it wasn't Fire/Fighting AND they allowed a pokemon based off of the third most overrated animal of all time (1st is Wolves, and 2nd is Cats.) To stand up instead of staying on four legs.

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I'm pretty sure Delphox is a popular Pokemon...I've barely seen any hate until just now when I had to go look. Here's all I could find and some things I heard before:

-A lot of people are annoyed about how it looks feminine but still has a 87.5% chance of being male.
-Another thing is the huge ear fluff it has.
-Some people also dislike how Delphox is a fox, as they're one of the most popular animals out there.
-A lot of people were annoyed about Delphox being bipedal.
-When people heard about it being like a mage, they expected something "cooler looking"...or just not a fox with a stick wearing a robe.
-Some people who like Braixen were disappointed when the evolution wasn't as cute.
-The in-game sprite/model apparently looks weird?
-It's "the worst of the three Kalos starters".
-Decent Special Attack and Speed but not really anything else.

That's pretty much all I've seen. If there are any reasons someone else has for disliking Delphox that aren't listed here, feel free to tell me and I'll add them in.

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