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I have a hidden ability Eevee and I'm wondering what to evolve it into to get the best hidden ability eeveelution. My team often varies and I only really ever keep my Mega Gardevoir on my team constantly, if that helps. :D

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Glaceon's HA is pretty good if you have Hail on it.
I think the best HA is tied with Sylveon and Espeon, which is a problem since you already have Gardevoir which is both of their types.
Isn't "best" a relative word?

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Well, there is no "best" HA in terms of statistics, rather much more opinion based. Therefore, to find the best HA eeveelution in your view, compare how well it would work in your team.

Flareon (Guts): Guts is used to boosts the ability-bearer's attack by 50% when inflicted with a status condtion. This ability is not really controlled by you, unless Flareon is holding a Toxic/Flame Orb, or have an ally inflict one on you. However, having an ally using it on you can be a waste of a turn in a crucial battle, so have hold either a Flame/Toxic Orb. A Flame Orb would not be the best choice since a burned Pokemon will have its attack lowered; the exact opposite of what Guts is trying to increase. A Toxic Orb is very popular, since you only need to worry about your health, however it does badly poison you. Another choice that is not as common is having an ally paralyze you. Flareon's speed is already slow, so you should pretty much consider yourself going last - however you do need to worry about 25% chance of losing your turn. So, a Guts Flareon is very questionable to use.

Vaporeon (Hydration): This ability will cure status conditions inflicted to the ability-bearer. However, you will need Rain to be in play in the battle. Therefore, either have Vaporeon learn Rain Dance, or have an ally with Drizzle. Hydration can also cure self-inflicted status condition, so a move like Rest is a good idea to have it learn - but you would need to take Vaporeon's low Def into consideration.

Jolteon (Quick Feet): Similar to Guts, it raises the ability-bearer's speed when inflicted by a status condtion. So, the same ideas used for Flareon can be considered, except paralysis, as Jolteon is an electric type. The best way to take advantage of this is holding a Flame Orb, since a burned Pokemon lowers attack, but Jolteon is much better in SpAtk. Jolteon is already one of the fastest Pokemon on a field, but Quick Feet can almost ensure you always going first.

Espeon (Magic Bounce): Magic Bounce reflects status-changing moves, including status conditions and entry hazards. This ability is very useful and powerful, but it is almost out of your hands in terms of activation.

Umbreon (Inner Focus): This prevents the Pokemon from flinching. Umbreon already has great defenses, so it should be able to withstand an attack, whether or not it causes flinching. The only super-effective flinching moves would be Low Kick, Rolling Kick, and Steamroller - and these moves aren't very common. You would usually find this ability being useful when against popular flinching moves such as Fake Out or Rock Slide.

Leafeon (Chlorophyll): This doubles the ability-bearer's speed in sunlight. So, you should consider having Leafeon learning Sunny Day, or have an ally with the ability Drought. Leafeon is definitely one of the fastest eeveelutions, so this speed should be beneficial, not only for you going first, but to have a higher chance to attack before a super-effective move lands on Leafeon, as it does have a lot being a Grass Type.

Glaceon (Ice Body): This ability heals the Pokemon during Hail. Consider having Glaceon learning Hail, or have an ally with the ability Snow Warning. You can have the Pokemon hold Leftovers or another healing item to increase HP per turn - unless you lose the item by a move such as Knock Off.

Sylveon (Pixilate): This changes Normal moves into Fairy moves. Sylveon does learn Normal moves that are stronger than it's Fairy Moves, such as Hyper Beam - and Return might be a good move since Syvleon is based off of affection. Also, Fairy typing does provide weaknesses to other types in which Normal moves never had. These type of abilities are always a good choice since it differently opens up your pool of moves to select from.

Overall, all abilities are good and can be used for different situations. If I were to give some suggestions, Espeon and Sylveon are some of the most popular and effective in my opinion, and I think it will really help you. However, as you know, it's ultimately up to you to decide.

Your Choice! Hope I helped! :)

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I wouldn't say Magic Bounce is out of your hands. It's quite easy to predict status moves in competitive and switch out to a Magic Bounce user. Espeon's very presence can deter moves like Stealth Rock since it always threatens to bounce them back.
Also Guts does prevent the Attack drop from burn, though it doesn't matter since Flareon is immune to burn anyway.
Jolteon really shouldn't be mentioned in that last paragraph because it already outspeeds everything, so quick feet is pretty useless. It's so useless that only one in 58 experienced players think it's better than volt absorb.
Source: http://www.smogon.com/stats/2017-08/moveset/gen7ru-1760.txt
@Fizz, I said Magic Bounce was pretty much out of your hands, not 100% - but I do understand the confusion in the way it may be interpreted, so I'll change the wording
@Sumwum, I also personally think Volt Absorb is better than Quick Feet, and I'm sure a lot of people are right since Jolteon is already fast. I just put it in the last paragraph in case the asker wanted to overpower Jolteon in speed.
Why don't you say Flareon is one of the best, in case the asker wanted to overpower Flareon's physical attack? Why don't you say Vaporeon is one of the best, in case the asker uses rain teams? Why don't you say Umbreon is one of the best, in case the asker wanted a reliable way to beat fake out users and serene grace users? Why don't you say Leafeon is one of the best, in case the asker wanted to overpower Leafeon's speed? Why don't you say Glaceon is one of the best, in case the asker wanted to max out on heal-over-time effects?
The question asked for which eeveelution has the best HA, so putting all of them in the last paragraph doesn't help. It just some suggestions regardless if they're all equally good
Why is quick feet suggested, and not some of the other hidden abilities that are better than quick feet?
I'll change it, but it truthfully doesn't matter even if different eeveelutions are under a similar concept
Guts negates the attack drop from burn, so Guts gives the same attack boost regardless of the status condition. Same with Paralysis and Quick feet. And the reason you don't run flame orb on flareon is because it's typing makes it immune to being burned. Toxic orb kills Flareon off too quickly, so your best bet for in game is to pre poison on a wild pokemon and heal with potions, or pre paralyze and risk the full para chance (not advised)
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So all of the eeveeloutions have fairly good HA abilities that can be used in unique situations. But out of all of them, Espeon and Silveon probably rank among the strongest.

Vaporeon's Hydration can be good on a rain stall team, but it's difficult for Vaporeon to set up itself. If you run Rain Dance/Rest/Sleep Talk/Scald you only get one attacking move, and your Sleep Talk could call for a non-attacking move 2/3 times. But with the rain set by someone else, Rest/Sleep Talk/Scald/Ice Beam, Acid Armor can be quite the powerful set. But again, it almost needs some other mon to set the rain.

Jolteon's Quick Feet doesn't see much play because of Jolteon's massive 130 speed. If you really need a 260 base speed Pokemon, go for it, but Volt Absorb is generally the more favorable ability.

Flareon's Guts could've actually been pretty good, if it wasn't on Flareon. It's too slow without a decent priority move to make good use of it. And even though the Guts boost negates the attack drop from burn making a Burned Guts mon still have x1.5 attack, Flareon is immune to burn since it's a fire type so it has to go with the toxic orb, which puts it on a MUCH faster timer. Trying to gamble with the paralysis chance not to move normally isn't worth it either.

Umbreon's Inner Focus is actually pretty good since it's on such a slow Pokemon. If something has a flinch move, it's probably going to outspeed you to make you roll for the flinch chance, but not with Umbreon. Of course though, that's a bit niche and it GREATLY outshined by it's morning-time sibling.

Espeon's Magic Bounce cannot be overstated. Yes, technically you are reliant on the opponent to get the ability off, but weather you're playing in game or on Showdown having MB is INVALUABLE. It doesn't just prevent hazards, it lets you set them up on the opponent. It doesn't prevent status, it sets up status on the opponent. A bulky mon reliant on Toxic can't touch Espeon, and has to watch helplessly as you set up 6 calm minds on it. A stealth rocker can't use it's move until Espeon faints out of fear you switch it in and turn the tide. And in the games any status or hazards you can get on the opponent for FREE. Absolutely busted ability.

Chlorophll is pretty good for Leafeon. It's hard to set it up yourself, but already having decent speed means that that extra umph can really make a difference on a sun team. The difference between Leafeons speed boost and Jolteons is that 1) you don't need to be statused, 2) Leafeon can further set up with Swords Dance to become a proper sweeper, 3) Leafeon has a good defense stat as well to help facilitate that set up. The only real problem is setting up the sun, and if you go through all of that trouble Leafeon faces tough competition as a Chlorophyller with Venusaur and Victreebel, among others.

Glaceon's ice body... kind of sucks. Defensive ice types are hard to use in general because the 5 weaknesses and no resistances, Walrein only makes Ice Body work due to its Water typing. Glaceon does have a decent defense, but if you're using it you really want to focus on firing off powerful 130 base special ice STAB over tying to go the defensive route.

And finally, Silveon's Pixilate. What can I say, all the 'ate' abilities are busted. You get to convert a powerful normal type move to fairy for STAB and you get a x1.2 power boost. It's just a good ability.

If I had to rank all of the abilities, it would look something like this:
1) Espeon - Magic Bounce [Absolutely busted ability]
2) Silveon - Pixilate [Makes Silveon's Hyper Voices terrifying]
3) Vaporeon - Hydration [Really tough to break through on Rain Stall]
4) Flareon - Guts [Hard to pull off, but can be rewarding of you manage it]
5) Umbreon - Inner Focus [Fairly niche, but not having to worry about flinches is nice]
6) Glaceon - Ice Body [Defensive Ice types are hard to pull off...]
7) Jolteon - Quick Feet [Base 130... do you really need more speed?]

this doesn’t really add much to the original answer