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I just caught a shiny Sandygast, but it is Lonely Nature. Any tips/hints on how I could use it? (if even possible) I already calculated that Earth Power still does more than Earthquake with zero investment.

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Hope you don't mind me editing the title a bit, so that the post is prompting a clear question (feel free to change it if you don't like it).
By the way, you'll likely find some of the posts in the thread linked here to be useful. You can probably adapt the sets there into something helpful: https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/274191/
No it's better like this. First time asking something on this forum. I had already scanned through the thread, all proposed natures are attack lowering, hence the question.

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Well, Lonely is one of the worst Nature Palossand can have since, it boosts attack (when it's better in SpAtk), and decreases Def (its highest base stat). As far as I know, no one would use it competitively, but since its shiny, it's definitely a nice thing to have.

Well, along with this nature, Palossand is already a very slow Pokemon, so this Palossand, regardless if you use it as a sweeper, tank, or status user, it will not benefit your team in any way. Definitely keep it in your PC, but I wouldn't recommend using it.

Hope I helped! :)