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Its kinda hard to find my favorite Pokemon useful in online battling being able to learn only 3 moves and no TMs if anyone could help that would be great

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I think this question is asking how one would make Caterpie useful in competitive, which has a different answer to the thread you linked. But I'll edit the question slightly so it won't create another moveset thread.
Obviously not sure if this is a joke but whatever, I'll play along.

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Nothing is really impossible, but is very limited, the best you could do is EV train him, it will help a little but you
will still have a bad time against many enemies. Not because his overal stats but most because of his movesets.
But if you fight against Pokemons who are weak against bug bite, you may have a little fun, but will be a bit difficult. One thing that I learn, is that you don't have to have the perfect Pokemon to be good. If you only play with brute force, this may be difficult, but most pro players use strategy over brute force.

so if you have the Pokemons to cover you caterpie weakness. You can win alot, I just can't say that you will only win with the caterpie alone, but you can have fun using the catterpie against some.

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Belive or not but i already had my Alakazan with perfect EV train defeated by a caterpie in link battles. He endured my Psyquic and hit me with bug bite, it defeated the alakazan in the frist hit.