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So, I evolved my Pikachu at level 31 without thinking, and I later remembered that I wanted it to learn Slam at level 37 before I evolved it. Please, please tell me I will still be able to teach her Slam when I get to the move relearner lady.

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Raichu can't learn slam by level up, so the move reminder won't teach it.
However, you can teach it return, which is better than slam in almost every way.

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Then i have messed up by evolving her before-hand
thanks, anyway
Actually, I've never used Return before... can you tell me how it works? :)

What about my Raichu learning or, rather, remembering, Quick Attack? I got her as a Pichu at leve 5 and for the life of me can't remember if she said she wants to learn Quick Attack as a Pikachu.
I know Pikachu learns it at lv 10
Return has more base power when the user has more friendship. Its maximum base power is 102, which is 22 more than slam's base power. Raichu can learn quick attack from the move reminder.