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So from Red/Blue to Fire Red/Leaf Green etc.

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There are hundreds of trainers in each of those games. Do we really have to look through all of them?
Well considering how hard some of your questions can be I don't see what the problem is.
What do you mean by "stronger"? Like literally stronger by level?
well it could be anythijg from higher levels to the same level with higher stats or even more Pokemon in the remakes than in the original.

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Your question is extremely difficult to answer. After a quick bit of research i'd say that the trainers that are stronger are those who now have access to Mega Evolution. Wally also might fit the category but the reason i'm not including him is because his Gardevoir was changed to a Gallade which still Mega Evolves but in my opinion at least is slightly weaker than Gardevoir normally. Hope this answers your question.

This doesn't completely answer the question.