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I don't want answers like "try ___ instead" or anything like that.


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Two Moves, that's impossible because Mewtwo has 3 Weaknesses being Bug, Dark, and Ghost. So you will need 3 moves to cover its 3 weaknesses. 3 moves that benefit from its SP Attack and covers weaknesses are:

1.Flamethrower- it covers its Bug weakness.95 Base Power and 100 accuracy, its a must have on Mewtwo

2.Aura Sphere- it covers its Dark weakness.90 Base Power and it never misses, another must have on it.

3.Shadow Ball- it covers its Ghost weakness.80 Base Power and 100 accuracy, its the best move to cover the Ghost Weakness.

So that is what I recommend.

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  • Aura Sphere - 90 Power can't miss with 20 pp Covers Dark
  • Flamethrower - 95 Power 100% accuracy with 15 PP Covers Bug
  • Shadow Ball - 80 Power 100% accuracy with 15 pp Covers Ghost

    And then I would use,

  • Psystrike - 100 Power 100% accuracy with 10 pp Provides STAB

EDIT: I know this is an old answer, but the only reason I'm spiffing it up a bit, is so that people won't downvote an Answer from 3 months ago.

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That's my Mewtwo's moveset!
Psystrike didn't exist until Gen V so Psychic would be the best choice for a STAB move.