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Now I was farming with Altaria when I was about to learn Refresh. The thing is, is Dragon Dance worth losing for Refresh? These are my abilities so far if this helps.

Dragon Dance
Aerial Ace

If you want to give me any advice on my other abilities, feel free to.

P.S. this is for Emerald

Personally, I would not use either Refresh or Dragon Dance. I'd recommend going for physical or special attacks rather than status moves.
Dragon Dance for Psychical sweeper and Refresh for a wall.
Dragonbreath doesn't cover many threats, so replace it with something like earthquake or flamethrower.

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Answering your question:

They are very different moves, so the best one will depend on which role your Pokemon is taking. For example if he is taking an offensive role, the better is dragon dance, if is a support or defensive role, the best is Refresh. But both moves are circumstantial, even some other moves can work better than both to counter some different situation.

The moves you show seen to be a standard offensive moveset, so in that case is better dragon dance, unless you are in the middle of developing a defensive or support moveset, then the best is refresh.

Giving friendly advice about a different thing:

(Put a Pokemon with both fly and aerial ace is not a good idea, every move slot is important, and you need to make the better use of every one of the four. Aerial ace and fly serves the same purpose of inflict damage with a flying type move, so adding a different move, will help you more than have both fly and aerial ace, hope I could help)

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Thanks that did help! Appreciate the advice!