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My team is Mega-Salamence, Feraligatr, Marshadow and Staraptor. I would like someone to suggest me 2 more members for my team with their movesets considering the weaknesses of my team.

I think this counts as an in-game team rate.
This can be answered objectively I think. If it was asking us to finish off more than just a couple members there would be an issue.

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Each member of your team can counter each other's weaknesses (ex. If your team consisted of a Normal-type (which is weak to Fighting) and a Flying-, Psychic- or Fairy-type, the ladder would cover the Normal-type's weakness.)

Mega Salamence is a Dragon/Flying-type and is weak to Ice(4x), Rock, Dragon, and Fairy.
Feraligatr is a pure-Water-type and is weak to Electric and Grass.
Marshadow is a Fighting/Ghost-type and is weak to Flying, Psychic, Ghost, and Fairy.
Staraptor is a Normal/Flying-type and is weak to Electric, Ice, and Rock.

So, knowing that, we can see that:

Mega Salamence can cover its own weakness to Dragon and Feraligatr's weakness to Grass.

Feraligatr can only cover Mega Salamence and Staraptor's weaknesses to Rock.

Marshadow can cover Mega Salamence and Staraptor's weaknesses to Ice and Rock as well as its own weaknesses to Psychic and Ghost.

Staraptor can only cover for Feraligatr's weakness to Grass.

This leaves you with Mega Salamence and Marshadow's weaknesses to Fairy, Marshadow's weakness to Flying, and Feraligatr and Staraptor's weaknesses to Electric not covered for in any way.

This chart I compiled shows a clearer picture of what I'm saying.

M. Salamence (Dragon/Flying)=ICE(Marshadow), Rock(Feraligatr or Marshadow), Dragon(M. Salamence), Fairy(x)
Feraligatr (Water)=Electric(x), Grass(M. Salamence, Staraptor)
Marshadow (Fighting/Ghost)=Flying(x), Psychic(Marshadow), Ghost(Marshadow), Fairy(x)
Staraptor (Normal/Flying)=Electric(x), Ice(Marshadow), Rock(Feraligatr or Marshadow)
With this knowledge and the knowledge of Alola, we can cover most of these weaknesses with Alolan Dugtrio (Ground/Steel), which is weak to Fire(Feraligatr and itself), Water(x), Fighting(M. Salamence or Staraptor), and Ground(Feraligatr).

This 5th team member can cover for Feraligatr and Staraptor's weaknesses to Electric, Mega Salamence and Staraptor's weaknesses to Ice and Rock, and Mega Salamence and Marshadow's weaknesses to Fairy.

Now all we have left is weaknesses to Water and Flying. The Electric-type can cover for these weakness and be your 6th team member (Jolteon, Xurkitree, Electivire, Lanturn, Emolga, Alolan Raichu, Vikavolt, Alolan Golem, Magnezone, Togedemaru, or Tapu Koko would be excellent choices).

[Note that these Pokémon listed under the 6th team member all have their weaknesses covered for by the rest of your team, including Alolan Dugtrio.]

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There Tons Of Pokemon To Use.

you can use a deoxys defense and run a defensive wall.
you can use a mega mewtwo Both forms and run a offensive mega mewtwo X or a SP offensive mega mewtwo Y
you can use a an arceus that can be ANY type and run what ever you can since it a really good Pokemon
or have a Pokemon thats very weak but with maxed IVS and EVS that can do good in competitive

There are tons of Pokemon to use to fill your 2 slots up.
these Pokemon I think BEST fit one of your roles.