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So, I was checking out the Pokemon resistances and advantages because I was looking for competitive Pokemon to EV train, and I found that grass type has a resistance to electric? Does anyone have a reasonable explanation? This is bothering me more than it should.

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It's because most plants are good insulators.

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They already explained this in the anime thousand of times, one of the best time is in this episode --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bax7ydFbiZU

Go to 18:30, episode: "There is a crowd". Brock will explain why Electric type moves aren't very effective against Grass type Pokemon and have no effect on Ground type Pokemon, and how they work normally on Ground Pokemon who are in the air like in the Battle against Roxanne, when Pikachu's Thunder worked normally on Roxanne's Geodude.

Resume: Electric moves are weak against Grass type Pokemon and have no effect in Ground Pokemon, because the electricity flows through the body of the Pokemon and disperse in the ground, tree, wall, etc. Like really happens with trees in the real world. That is why is Electric type moves aren't very effective against Grass type Pokemon and have no effect on Ground type Pokemon. However, Electric type moves work normal if the Grass type and Ground type Pokemon are not in contact with the ground or are soaked with water. The anime never made any mistake about the logic, people just don't pay too much attention to the details.

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Thank you all very much for responding to my question!
No problem, I'm glad i could help.
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There is an episode where Pikachu used Thunderbolt on a Bellsprout, and its trainer mentioned that Bellsprout's legs were like little lightning rods. It is possible to suggest that trees act as durable lightning rods, as even after being hit, many trees can continue to live (while animals generally do not).

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Alright, thanks. I am not too familiar with the anime so I might have missed this small detail while watching through it.

Thanks very much.
Worth mentioning that what is anime canon isn't always applicable to the games, though it's not like the game offers any alternative explanation here.
Yep. Onix, knocked out by electric attack. Immune in the game. Kabutops shrugs off an electric attack. should be weak. And god of all Pokémon can be brought to its knees by a Pikachu. But yes, in the absence of a better answer...