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Let's say I open with Zubat and a wild Elekid appears, which, when defeated, would give Zubat one speed EV.
I switch to Magikarp, and, after the fight, both Zubat and Magikarp would receive one speed EV each.
Before being knocked out, Elekid calls for Chansey, which will give two HP EVs, after Magikarp annihilates her.
I wanted the speed EVs for Zubat, but not the HP EVs.
Question is, will Zubat only get the EVs of the Pokemon it interacted with before switching, like it would if it were in a normal trainer battle, or do SOS battles share all the resulting EVs with all Pokemon that appeared on the field?

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Only party Pokémon that participate in a battle against one particular Pokémon will get EVs. This goes for situations where they would gain different types of EVs, like your Chansey scenario, or even continuing to chain Elekid. If Zubat switches out to Magikarp on the first Elekid, and Magikarp KO's three more, Magikarp would get EVs from all four Elekid and Zubat would only get EVs for one.

The exception to the rule is if you have the Exp. Share active, in which case every Pokémon in your party will get EVs from defeated Pokémon.

Turning on this special device will allow all the Pokémon on your team to receive Exp. Points from battles.

I hope this helps!

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Perfect! thank you for the fast reply
You're welcome :)