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I can't find a list anywhere. You'd think there'd be one somewhere, but no. Where are the locations of all the NPCs that will heal your Pokemon? (specifically Sun/Moon)

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The only ones I know of are the Miltank next to the Daycare on Paniola Ranch and the player's Mom in the house on Route 1.
There's one right before you do the Dragon trial.
and the one on route 10, and the one on ancient pony path. is there really no list anyone has made?
players moms house, milank panolia ranch
there is one in the house to the left of mahalo trail in iki town
Tricky question hmm I suggest if you really want to answer it go to bulbapedia and look at each route one by one but that would take like two or 3 hours :(

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As far as I know:

  • Mom at your house.
  • Miltank at Paniola Ranch.
  • Trial Guide on Route 10
  • Trial Guide on Route 11
  • Miltank at Hapu's house

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You clearly linked this exact question into your answer.
But that's his source. He got the answer from the comments
None of you said the trial guides or Hapu's Miltank.