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I was messing around, and in LC my Torchic used sub and Onix used rock blast. First hit broke sub, but it didn't hit 1 or more times! What happened!?

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What are you asking?
@mrmeh Can you show us a replay of that battle? Or try to replicate what happened and show us a replay of that?
@Taco I think he's saying that rock blast only hit once.
That's odd. Multihit moves should still hit again when breaking a Substitute.

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The sub should break and rock blast should keep going

I'm not exactly sure what your asking due to the way the question is written,but any multi-hit moves work like this against a substitution = it will strike whatever number of times it is going to regardless of the substitute,additionally weakness is still counted and considering Onix gets stab on rock blast and Torchic is fire type the first hit should have broke the sub and then any subsequent hits would still fire.

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sub did break,  but the other 1/2/3/4 times did not use
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Substitude withstands the hits, but when a multi-strike move breaks the Sub, it won't continue to attack. So that means when Onix's Rock Blast (Any turn, but in your case the first turn) finished Substitude, the Rock Blast ends.

Are you sure? Because I've had multiple experiences to the contrary. Personally I think OP is just mistaken.
This answer is wrong for every generation other than Generation 1.
Well, I'm not sure then, but in my game it's like this. Maybe its just glitch then.