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I chose Litten (now torracat) and I own Ultra Sun. Please, I need help!

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For the Post-game Hala battle, I just mainly relied on my Necrozma's (Not Dusk Mane, since I got US) Photon Geyser, but I also used my Dusk Lycanroc and Incineroar as back-up. But, for the Kahuna battle early in the game, I used both Butterfree and Cutiefly (since they both double resist Fighting and can use moves that are supereffective against them).
Try using Wingull. It's easy to catch and it remains useful after the Hala battle because of the drizzle/scald/hurricane combination.
Oh, I just used Halucha... The Machop killed 80% of my team... then Halucha killed them all...

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I'm pretty sure the two best Pokemon to use against Hala would be Hawlucha and Oricorio. Hawlucha learns wing attack at level 8, and like the asker said, it can pretty easily sweep Hala's team. Oricorio is also great, as it has a base special attack of 98 and learns air cutter at level 13.

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I caught a lvl 13 Halucha first try! Thanks