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Yeah, I didn't believe it either at first. But as it turns out, Cinccino's base Attack stat is 95, while Hawlucha's is 92? What? You're telling me that my adorable little scarf chinchilla who looks totally harmless hits harder than Hawlucha, who the Pokedex describes as the WRESTLING POKEMON? Why?!

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Gamefreak logic
Every Pokemon has supernatural powers to some extent. Maybe Cinccino is super strong just because Game Freak wanted it to be.
When they make the Pokémon's stats, they don't compare it to every Pokémon in the game. They just pick a number that seems reasonable for the moment I guess.
That's like asking why purugly the big pudgy fat cat, is faster than latias and latios, who the dex describes as being faster than a jet plane, which travel over 550 miles per hour. Imagine owning a pudgy cat who was faster than that.

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My theory is that Cinccino is able to use it's long scarf-like pieces of fur to wrap up and suffocate enemies, giving it deadly offensive capabilities in close quarters.

Another possibility could be that Cinccino's tail is the source of its power. Minccino and Cinccino's signature move, Tail Slap, has a maximum of 125 base damage. One would think they would need extremely strong tails to deal such substantial damage.

It's not technically a signature move.
Bulbapedia seems to think so. It doesn't matter anyways.
That might be because Bulbapedia considers a move "signature" even if other Pokemon can learn it as an egg move.
That's because it was originally that mons signature move sunwun
Vulpix and Buizel have always been able to learn it.