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I am looking for a Pokemon that has:

-Any way to trap an opponent(Fire Spin, Shadow Tag, Mean Look, etc.)
-Any way to reliably put an opponent to sleep (Spore, Sleep Powder, Yawn, etc.)
-Any way to boost its attacking stats (Swords Dance, Calm Mind, Nasty Plot, etc.)

And naturally the fourth move will be an attacking move.
In case it's not clear, I am trying to find a Pokemon that can set up on a sleeping opponent with no way for the other trainer to switch them out.
BTW, "Reliable" means "Consciously activated" (So no Effect Spore) and "Reasonably accurate" (So no Hypnosis/Sing)
Preferably a Pokemon with high Speed and at least one good attacking stat.

Try using the /ds command in a Showdown! chat room.
Here's what I found so far:
Jynx, Smeargle, Emboar, Exeggutor, Gastrodon, Gumshoos, Male Meowstic, Slaking, Slowbro, Slowking, Swalot, Umbreon, Venusaur, Walrein, Carnivine, Chimecho, Dunsparce, Flareon, Pyroar, Torkoal, Victreebel
Decidueye is ALMOST perfect. Spirit shackle can trap, with nasty plot and swords dance, plus base stats, it is easy to be special or physichal, but no sleep moves I'm afraid. unless I'm wrong.

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I think I got them all.
Every trapping move, every sleep move, every attack raising move: Smeargle
Block, yawn, and curse: Emboar, Gastrodon, Slaking, Snorlax, Swalot, Walrein
Mean look, lovely kiss, nasty plot: Jynx
Block, yawn, curse: Umbreon
Block, yawn, calm mind: Slowbro, Slowking
Mean look, yawn, calm mind: male Meowstic
Block, sleep powder, swords dance: Venusaur, Exeggutor, Tangrowth
Block, yawn, work up: Gumshoos
Wrap, yawn, calm mind: Chimecho
Bind, yawn, curse: Dunsparce
Fire spin, yawn, nasty plot: Simisear
Fire spin, yawn, work up: Flareon, Pyroar
Fire spin, yawn, curse: Torkoal
Infestation, sleep powder, quiver dance: Butterfree, Bellossom, Vivillon, Venomoth
Infestation, sleep powder, swords dance: Vileplume, Carninvine, Jumpluff, Victreebel
Infestation, yawn, shell smash: Magcargo
Infestation, yawn, curse: Quagsire, Stunfisk
Sand tomb, yawn, curse: Hippowdon
Whirlpool, yawn, swords dance: Bibarel
Whirlpool, yawn, power-up punch: Golduck, Kangaskhan, Swampert
Whirlpool, yawn, work up: Blastoise, Vaporeon, Empoleon
Whirlpool, yawn, dragon dance: Kingdra

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Simisear. I'll go with that.
Pansear can learn Yawn at level 19, Fire Spin and Nasty Plot are two of its Egg Moves, and Simisear has 101 base Speed. Other doable options with good speed and access to Work Up, Yawn, and other trapping moves are Pyroar and male Meowstic. There are also a lot of other options with not as good speed, including Flareon, Swampert, and Hippowdon. So test your luck with that. Hope I helped! -Sylveon Rulez

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The Pokemon that I could find were snorlax, tangrowth, delphox, gardevoir, gallade, and hippowdon.

Snorlax- Yawn, Block, Curse/Belly Drum
Tangrowth- Sleep Powder, Block/Bind, Swords Dance(Its only boosting move, so you'd have to use physical)

Some of these are egg moves; namely Snorlax's curse, Gardevoir and Gallade's mean look, and Hippowdon's stockpile. Gallade can also only get hypnosis at level 44 as a kirlia.

I know you wanted speed, but they're all kind slow. You could run trick room.

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um he specified no hypnosis
"and 'Reasonably accurate' (So no Hypnosis/Sing)" (taken from right there)
Also, stockpile doesn't boost attack stats, though Hippowdon might be able to learn curse.
AND yawn won't always cause sleep
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Jynx is probably the best option, with Mean Look, Lovely Kiss, Nasty Plot, and Psychic/Psyshock/Icebeam. Mean Look at level 25, Lovely Kiss level 1, Nasty Plot by breeding with a Hypno, and any of the attacking moves by TM.

Flareon is another option, using Fire Spin, Yawn, Work Up, and Flamethrower, however Work Up isn't that great of a stat-boosting move, and you can't run Flare Blitz because by that point, you've probably taken a hit. Yawn is by egg move, Fire Spin at level 25, Flamethrower via TM, and Work Up via TM.