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I know until either the end of the month or some time in January, you get a Celebi code & 3DS Theme when you get Gold/Silver, but do we know if you get a Theme with Crystal? I mean being able to get a legit Shiny Celebi sounds cool, but that little bit extra in the Themes makes Gold & Silver better values overall to me.

What exactly do you mean by 3DS Theme? The word "theme" has lots of possible meanings.
They probably mean the Themes made for the 3DS as in the Theme shop and the Theme that comes with Gold and Silver.
Yes, like the ones that come with Gold & Silver right now... what other kind of 3DS Themes would I mean...?
I saw somewhere that crystal is now avaliable on 3DS.
And it has some improvement.
It's been on the eShop for a couple weeks now. The improvement is the addition of the GS Ball Event into all versions.

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No, there has been no announcement on whether Pokemon Crystal comes with a 3DS theme.

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