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I'm asking because I want one for my Wi-Fi battles in the new games (Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon). I do not have acces to get a Landorus in B2W2, if that is a way. My question is: "How do I get a Landorus with it's Hidden Ability, Sheer Force, in the new games?" I do have a Landorus but it has Sand Force, and Ability Capsules do not allow me to change the ability to Sheer Force.

You might have to wait for an event, as hidden ability legendaries aren't always obtainable.

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The only way (currently) to legitimately obtain a Sheer Force Landorus is to purchase the Dream Radar on the 3DS and transfer the captured Landorus-Therian to B2W2, and using the Reveal Glass on it.

Otherwise you will need to get it from a trade or wait until an event one is available.

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You can now get a Landorus-Incarnate with Sheer Force by giving it an ability patch in Sword or Shield.