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Besides the fact that Parasect is a zombie, and Morlull and Shiinotic is a life sucking monsters, and how they currently hate each other, I'm curious as what KIND of mushroom/fungus Shiinotic is.

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Shiinotic may be based on bioluminescent mushrooms such as those of the genus Mycena. It also features a volval sac and wide brimmed warty cap, which are trademarks of the Amanita family. Both families are known to grow in fairy rings. From its name, Shiinotic may have some aspects of the shiitake mushroom, as well.


*edit* it's name implies it's a shiitake mushroom *edit* (happy now?)

Fun fact because it's already been answered!

It's pre evolution, Morelull is a play on words combining **Morel** (a type of mushroom to which it has a resemblance) and the word **Lull**aby Sharing the "L".
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