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I got unhappy in this part of my game, So since it was backed up on my powersave I restored or went back in time to a previous point, is this hacking?


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The definition of hacking on the Oxford English Dictionary: “gain unauthorized access to data in a system or computer.”

Technically speaking, this is hacking as you are accessing data that should never be accessed under normal circumstances. If you save in Pokemon, there is no way to go before the save, which makes the data before the save non-accessible. Since the data/gameplay is no longer accessible, you used the power save to gain access to that gameplay which is not accessible in a legit way. Therefore, you got unauthorized access of that gameplay. So yes, it is hacking.

However, my personal thoughts on hacking and cheating is that as long as it is done in single player and not brought into multiplayer, I don’t think it should be a problem for anyone else. People hack to make the story and Trainers of the story harder or to change Pokemon encounters. That doesn’t really bother me personally. But when people hack in a Magikarp with No Guard Fissure and battle others, they ruin other people’s experiences.

Again this is my personal outlook. People may have problems with you even when you hack on single and multiplayer. The outlook on hacking comes from moral and ethical reasons. Sorry for the lengthy response.

Sources: Oxford English Dictionary

So are my poke mon then technical hacked
I wouldn’t say your Pokemon are hacked because I’m assuming you caught them all legit. It’s more so hacking so you can access a different point in your adventure, but in actual play you can’t go before a save and redo events. So, if you actually caught those Pokémon in the game, they would not be considered hacked.
So Umbre my Pokemon are not hacked then and so if I wanted to use them in VGC could I?
You could.
So my final question would my Pokemon then be considered illegitimate and legal or legitimate and legal,  I just want to know if they're hacked or not.
You didn't use any Powersaves codes did you? If you only reloaded your game the Pokémon should be fine.
I did use codes like mad items and some experience codes on some but not all so would those be hacked even though I went to a save before I edited them? And would that make all my mons hacked? Or just the ones I used codes on?
Items don't do much, but the EXP codes probably made the Pokémon you used them on hacked.
Honestly, it depends on who you ask. In terms of tournament legality, they do run checks to make sure there's nothing on your Pokemon that shouldn't be. If you pass that, then I guess you're fine. But if you asked someone who thought an experience code makes the Pokemon unnatural, then maybe your Pokemon would be considered hacked in that context. In the end, there is no one way to define what counts as hacked and what doesn't. It's a matter of perception.
Yes, but you can easily see that a Pokémon with all it's EVs at 252 instead of just two of them is hacked, or a Pokémon that has a ribbon it can't obtain normally.
I did also use IV codes but no 252 evs in every stat, so would those Pokemon be hacked even though I went to a previous save? I don't use ribbon codes. Is there anyway to do a check on my game without entering a VGC?
Did you use the codes before or after you reloaded your save file? Also unless the Pokémon is from an egg it's not a good idea to use IV codes. If you want your Pokémon to have max IVs then use a Bottle Cap cheat and Hyper Train your Pokémon. To check your game just go to the Battle Spot and see if you can use your Pokémon. If you can't they are hacked.
I used the codes before I Restored to a previous save file, So if I can't use my mons then those mons are hacked correct?
That is correct.
In your opinion are my Pokemon hacked?
Well as long as you restored to a save file that you didn't use cheats on the Pokémon should be fine. When you need to do something to your game, make a backup of the clean save file and use PokéBank to save your edited Pokémon when you reload.
I'm really afraid everyone will think my mons are hacked now, so I got some mons after I reloaded my game would they be hacked? I don't think so because I got them after.
They should be okay.
So to breed competitive Pokemon in Sun/Moon could I use Dittos from X and Y and still use the offspring in VGC?
Yup, people do it all the time.
So if I use a game to see what codes are available and don't modify the data in any way my game isn't hacked correct?