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This one is one of curious, since it is a ton of mobile blocks, curious out the bag, does it has a mind to control, or does each brick have a mind of its own? Similarly to Barbacle a little bit.

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It has multiple minds, I think. It's similar to Zygarde's cells.
That's understanding
It's sorta like a hive mind, like a bee hive or ant colony.

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This is very interesting because the answer can be either yes or no, it depends.
The concept I have to introduce is the Hive Mind: stakataka is a collection of separate organisms that with various mechanisms can communicate with each other like a single being without having to fuse together, a real world example is the bee. Bees are separate organisms but they live in symbiosis with the hive and react to various stimuli like if the hive was a single entity, they can attack a predator even if only one bee attacks, they can protect the queen and so on. One block of Stakataka can react to some stimuli (like an order from the trainer) and with some kind of pheromones or chemicals can communicate to the other blocks what it wants to do so it seems that stakataka react as a whole, and that would explain why it is so slow: communicate with chemicals isn't fast as having only one mind because every block have to interpret the signal received and then act .

Good. Someone brought up a hive mind so I didn't have to. You made some good references, I didn't ask the question but this still gave me something to think about.
Rahat: Does Stakataka has a mind?

Me: Stakataka is a hive mind, one mind, many organisms

Rahat: Cupfinn80 asked it

Me: oh, I have no legit proof, this is what I believe. I can check though

Rahat: Check yourself, Aren’t you a Stakataka?

Me: We're discussing it. Are we one or many, guys?

Rahat: What?

Me: We're like voices in each others heads, we are not sure if we are the same or different. :P

(GameFreak has no evidence suggesting either or, so I myself, being a Stakataka, am CONFUSED!)

But seriously, Stakataka are definitely hive minds :P