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My DS has a broken shoulder button and I can't soft reset on it. Is it okay to just press the power button and select the game again? Will that harm my DS? Will it make it so I can't get the shiny I'm soft resetting for? Can I still get the shiny?

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Pretty sure yes
Have you tried asking for a replacement DS shoulder (left/right) button? I had the same problem and my parents gladly fixed it by buying a new shoulder button for me.

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You don't have to soft reset but the chances of finding the same shiny are slim. By that I mean it may make your shiny a normal since shinies arent evolutions of Pokemon or Pokemon in general. Its like pokerus, its a thing, but the chances of soft resetting and STILL being a shiny are rare. A shiny Pokemon is just the base of a Pokemon, just programmed differently, taking away the extra code and making it normal again. The only way I know you can still have it is one time, when I was playing emerald, I had a shiny linoone. But a couple days later, the A button popped of and I soft resseted it and believe it or not, that linoone was still shiny. So I hoped my answer helped. But I do not know about the on and off button technique. Just get a new shoulder.

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If someone catches a shiny Pokemon and saves, then the shininess is stored in the save file, and no amount of soft-resetting or rebooting can change that. "Soft resetting for shinies" usually means encountering a certain wild Pokemon, not saving if it wasn't shiny, and then soft resetting. Because the properties of the Pokemon weren't saved, it can change when the player soft resets. I hope that, if you had a misconception, this clears it up.