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I have a shiny poplio, and a shiny butterfree, I started sun and moon a couple days ago and I was wondering, "I wonder if shiny Pokemon are better than normal Pokemon stat wise?". I'm not the type of person who is obsessed with stats so either way, I don't really care. I was just wondering for future reference.

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shiny Pokemon actually do tend to have better ivs, its not guaranteed to have good ivs but its more likely then regular Pokemon (in my experience)

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Shinies are just regular Pokémon but with different colorations. It does not change its stats if shiny. The only benefits for shinies are that it's good trade fodder for the GTS or Wondertrade and, if you are a shiny hunter, it's good for your collection.

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Thanks J, I'm going to start trading right now!
Hax thanks because I was confused when I started playing silver I have a shiny lugia and there are stat effects on it and not on my poplio so the.
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nowadays there are no benefits in using a shiny Pokemon rather then a non shiny one because in order to calculate if a Pokemon will be shiny or not it depends on some hidden numbers. That was not the case in the second generation where it was calculated on some combination of IVs and generally they had to be pretty high in order to get a shiny Pokemon, here's why it is said that shiny Pokemon are stronger than regular one because in the second generation it was generally the case.

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This is correct.
Note that shiny Pokémon still weren’t able to get anything that a normal Pokémon couldn’t, but just had certain good stats guaranteed due to the mechanics.