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In GSC shinies are based on stats, so if you use proteins and calciums and stuff like that will the Pokemon become shiny?

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You can by using glitches.
Ya just use the Coin Case glitch. Look it up and it'll tell you how to do it.
I have crystal
It won't work on Crystal. It needs to be a ENG Version of Gold or Silver
Ik. that is why i told you

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No. Pokemon can not become shiny after it was already shiny. If you get a shiny it can't become unshiny. In fact they arent even really determined by it's stats. They are determined by it's IVs.

This goes a little bit more in-depth about it: https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/106226/in-gsc-how-much-do-shiny-pokemon-have-dvs-for-each-stat

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