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Can you still get static shinies like Rayquaza with a dry battery on Ruby/Sapphire?

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When the game cartridge's CR1616 internal battery runs dry, the in-game clock will also stop, resulting in very similar symptoms to the above. However, cartridges that have a dead battery will display a message after the title screen warning of the dry battery and the fact that clock-based events will no longer occur.

There are no other effects, so you should still be able to get shiny legendaries.

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I'm pretty sure a dry RS is like Emerald, in that it will always start with the same seed. This actually does make shinyhunting via SR impossible unless you have an early shiny frame. I would recommend the run away method. Keep your game on at all times (keep a charger on hand), then, when you run away from it, you can just exit the room, come back in, and then it will reappear. This will ensure that the game keeps generating new values

Source: https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/281447/is-it-possible-to-shinyhunt-rayquaza-in-emerald-how
I have read a Smogon article saying that Generation 3 games spit out 60 seeds per second and uses those for random numbers. They don't seem clock-related, so I thought dead batteries wouldn't affect them.
I know that modern Pokémon games use the current time to generate a seed, and I'm pretty sure I remember watching a video that said RS did the same thing (hence, making them like Emerald when dry), but I can't seem to find the video now