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I found shiny Nuzleaf in Ultra Moon and I'm wondering how rare it is.

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The rate for shiny Pokemon in the wild is 1/8192, so it's pretty rare!
It's 1/4096 in generations 6 and 7.
my bad, i havent updated my knowledge in the recent years. nice to know :D

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If encountered in the wild under normal circumstances, the odds are the same as any other Pokémon, 1 in 4096. If you have the Shiny Charm, the odds are 3x higher, still not amazing. This may be different if it was encountered through an SOS chain, bred with Masuda method, or encountered through some kinds of ultra wormholes.

nuzleaf can only be encountered through ultra wormholes. You can get up to a 36% chance, when you are going through a rarity 4 wormhole and have traveled 5000+ light years