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I'm having Minccino as my mono-type starter in Ultra Moon...

When I play it, which starter do you think I should pick to beat the champion at the Elite Four in Ultra Moon when I get there :)?

Rowlet, Litten or Popplio?

By the way, my team will be:

Minccino (F):
Attacks: Double Slap, Swift, Echoed Voice, Slam

Rockruff/Midday Lycanroc (F):
Attacks: Tackle, Rock Throw, Fire Fang, Bite

Alolan Sandshrew (F):
Attacks: Scratch, Powder Snow, Swift, Iron Head

Alolan Diglett (F):
Attacks: Mud-Slap, Dig, Attract, Sludge Bomb

Grubbin (F):
Attacks: Vice Grip, Bug Bite, Spark, Dig

Wimpod (F):
Attacks: Struggle Bug, Attract, Metal Claw, Scald

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I just swept the main 4 with Incineroar and Dusk Lycanroc.

Leech Life, Flame Charge, Brick Break, and Darkest Lariat
Rock Slide, Brick Break, Crunch, and Fire Fang

Expert Belt
Muscle Band
choose litten its a fire-dark type pkmn so it will help you alot
Popplio is horrible. Use Litten or Rowlet (Litten is better). And I hope those are not the moves you are taking to the E4..
@  Ammeter

yes, they are :)  those are the moves i decided on :) ... why?
In terms of bringing out the best in your Pokémon, you could improve considerably. Very few Pokémon can work well running mixed, good to stick to either physical or special. And in terms of coverage, only use normal when nothing else is available. There are just better options, and your Pokémon would thank you for them.
i used a combo of decidueye and dusk forme lycanroc, and was able to defeat the e4 easily. Then again, I also had a P-Kyogre and Lycanroc was at least lv 65
Why would you take these Pokemon with these moves to the Elite Four? You really should replace moves that Pokemon have when you catch them at the beginning of the game. I'm not an expert at choosing moves, but I know that replacing Tackle on Dusk Lycanroc with Rock Climb (Which you should have by the time you take on the Elite Four) would be a good decision. Also, I'm positive that there are many better alternatives to Powder Snow and Scratch on Alolan Sandslash.
Also, you said your team was going to be those Pokemon, and not their evolved forms. Are you going to evolve them, or are you really going to take on the Elite Four with puny, unevolved Pokemon?
Litten is good
@ Hellfire Taco,

i'm going to evolving my rockruff into midday lycanroc...
@Hellfire Taco,

I think these are the current  moves on the low-level 'mons, not the intended movesets
@ MJC1011

i haven't even started ultra moon yet :) ...
Is that the only Pokemon that you're going to evolve, or are you going to evolve the others, too?
@ Hellfire Taco

just her :)
Why aren't you going to evolve your other Pokemon? Unless you're trying to challenge yourself, there's no good reason not to.
The rockruff event ended.  Unless you already recieved it, it is only attainable via the GTS
Vulpix, you are completely crazy. I like that, keep doing you. Just noticed you're not actually planning on using a starter if I understand correctly. Bear in mind that your rival chooses the starter that is weak against the one you pick. Incineroar is dangerous, so you may want to avoid picking Popplio.
@  MJC1011

i have my baby lv 1 rockruff in my pokemon sun game, waiting for me, when i start playing ultra moon :)
I've decided to replace alolan diglett with sandile & replace alolan sandshrew with alolan vulpix & evolve her into ninetales & maybe replace minccino's double slap & teach her shockwave :)
sandile (F):  *cause i swapted her from another pokemon in pokemon black 2 before & i promised to her to have her again...*
attacks: bite, dig, double-edge, sludge bomb
alolan vulpix (F):   *cause i had a ninetales in sun before & i want her again... *
attacks: powder snow, zen headbutt, extrasensory, heal bell
I'm pretty sure that when you breed it, rockruff will only evolve into midday or midnight. Check It's ability. If it doesn't have own temp, it will not evolve into dusk forme.

what i mean is, i'm going to evolve my lv 1 rockruff into midday lycanroc *i already have dusk lycanroc in ultra sun* :)
oh. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

it's fine :)
It's kind of sad to see the weak pre-evolutions being used for the elite four...
@ ~megaltaria~

hey, hey!   never underestimate the power of my ultra moon team ^^

my minchino with: shockwave, swift, echoed voice & tail slap

my sandile with: bite, dig, double-edge & sludge bomb

my alolan ninetales with powder snow, zen headbutt, extrasensory & dazzling gleam

my midday lycanroc with quick attack, rock throw, fire fang & bite

my brione with double slap, water gun, icy wind & moonblast

& my lilligant with sleep powder, giga drain, magical leaf & energy ball

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Litten is the best starter in USM. Its fire attacks are strong against Molayne's entire team and the rival's Crabominable and Decidueye, and its dark attacks are strong against Acerola's entire team and Hau's Raichu and Decidueye. It can learn brick break to improve its matchup against Olivia and Hau's Tauros, and thunder punch to hit Kahlili's team harder.

Don't doubt my little boy Litten.