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Okay I uploaded this to Imgur now to make it easier. Sorry for previous post but here I finally uploaded image in Imgur.
I put in a red circle at the hand thing.
What does this hand thing mean in my Pokemon cards?
Also edited to hand because, some of my Pokemon cards have either scissor hands symbol or either rock or either paper so it's not really fist symbol on my card.

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Looks like a stamp, I would say it looks like it's just decoration or maybe means it's a rare card. Some Pokemon have things like that, for instance my togekiss has a level # next to its HP and says it is the togekiss Cynthia the famous sinnoh trainer. I wouldn't say that stamp is anything game changing so I would disregard it.
Converted into a comment because it was just assuming those things about the card. Assumptions about what the answer to something is should be put in the comments section.
maybe parallel set?
The answer might be somewhere in this article: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Mudkip_(XY_Promo_38)
ok hellfire taco
If it is an Energy Card it means it will give off Fighting type energy
Did you even look at the picture of the card?
One of my card has a red fist. I guess it is also fake.
Not necessarily, if it is from the correct promotional series it is real. Maybe I should specify a little bit more.

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That is a Primal Clash reverse hollow Mudkip card, which should look like This. I 100% sure the card is fake, because A) No card has that hollowing (it is a common fake card hollow), B) Cards that would have things in the bottom left/Right corner would be pre-release promos, which usually have the expansion name and have different art than usual (and Mudkip is not in that promotional series); (Regular and Promo Card examples), C) The card is clearly printed unevenly, which is the most obvious and most common mistake for fake cards (if point B really didn't convince you :P).

TL;DR: The fist would be an indicator for a pre-release promo card, but the card you linked a picture of is fake.

Hope I helped!

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Thank you! I noticed that before that my cards were fake but i liked them