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I'm currently at Clay in my Pokemon Black 2 Wedlocke Challenge, and my team is severely weak to Ground. I'm lost on ideas for how to deal with him. Please help!?

Current Team
Pignite (Male) paired with Watchog (Female)
Amphros (Male) paired with Tranquill (Female)
Lucario (Male) paired with Growlithe (Female)

In case you didn't know, a Wedlocke is a variation on the Nuzlocke challenge, but Pokemon are "paired" together based on gender and you can only battle with the members of the pair until they both die.

Overlevel all your Pokemon.
^ that, and smart tranquill switch ins is your best bet  imo
Your Pignite wouldn't happen to know Grass Knot, would it? Give it an eviolite and you might have something, especially if Watchog isn't all that dear to you.
I don't think you can get Grass Knot in  Black 2 before Clay, but other than that it seems like it might work.
The move tutor in Driftveil City can teach ice punch and seed bomb, which are both super effective against two of Clay's Pokemon. Pignite's fighting attacks should also be helpful.

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Your best bet is a combination of the previous comments. The move tutor is a great idea, but if clay hits you with a super effective move, it will really damage you, so you better level up quite a bit to get some better defence and HP.