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I know the ulta wormhole increases shiny chance; I already got modest shiny altaria in a luxury ball and shiny sigilyph. I also know that shiny chance is predetermined (meaning a wormhole with shiny sigilyph will always have shiny sigilyph, which helps with nature soft resetting and catching perish song altaria). But exactly how much does each level of wormhole increase the shiny chance? btw I don't have a shiny charm.

It seems the precise chances of this aren't known yet. This post claims it caps out at 7%, but I don't believe that at face value. https://forums.bulbagarden.net/index.php?threads/the-hitchikers-guide-to-the-ultra-wormholes.248396/
But we do know they're variable based on how many lightyears you have.
^that question didn't directly answer their question so I answered it
That question asks for the best way to Shiny hunt which isn't necessarily about the chances, which is the topic of this post. This is fine.
And it looks like I didn't try very hard if the chances are right there on Serebii. :P

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Here's the max chance each portal can contain a shiny
Type 1 - 1%
Type 2 - 10%
Type 3 - 19%
Type 4 - 36%
(With shiny charm sorry for without shiny charm it should just be whatever divided by about two)
Source: https://www.serebii.net/ultrasunultramoon/ultrawormholes.shtml

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Thanks, but for me it feels faster because i can get them in type 1-3 very quickly.
I still would recommend getting a shiny charm it's pretty easy it would take a week a max and you probably already have half the pokedex filled in (I'm guessing)