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For in game

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Is  this a in-game moveset question ?
There's too little information to answer this question accurately. Could you add some more info? Is it in-game? Competitive? In what context?
I removed the part about movesets. Silvally movesets go here, and only here: https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/272421/
This is to ensure organisation and that nobody has to check multiple threads to find good movesets for one Pokemon.
For What? In-game or online competitive? What's  the format? Please  give more information
you cannot post moveset questions, so how do you mean you are using this disk?
Give it X-Scissor for Dark and Multi Attack for Ghost and you should be good to go.
Silvally can cover for all of its weaknesses for any type of memory it uses, except for the Water-type and Flying-type memories. It doesn't have any Ground-type moves in its learnset (excluding Hidden Power) to cover for its Electric-type weaknesses.
Where will you be using this Silvally? I'm pretty sure you can only get it after finishing the main game, and I don't know who you can battle after that.
yeah, that makes no sense, unless if you traded/got event Sivally (i think you can get the event before, but not disks) . So, yeah, this makes zero sense, unless you'd like to elaborate exactly what you mean (will you use it for elite four grinding/battle tree/other)
I want to use it for elite four grinding
When you grind using the Elite Four, which starter does Kukui use?
Kukui's starter is the one which has an advantage over yours.

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If you are choosing to grind for the E4, then you have some options:

For the Bottom or Outside of Mt. Lanakila, I'd recommend giving Silvally the Fighting-type memory.

For the Inside of Mt. Lanakila, I'd recommend the same as above (if you aren't facing a Golbat), but if you are, make sure your Silvally has a Rock-type move as one of its 4 moves (I wouldn't recommend the Rock-type memory due to the abundance of Normal- and Ice-types).

Note that there are plenty of Normal-, Ice-, and Dark-types there to grind on (the exception being Golbat). So, use the Fighting-type memory and have a Rock-type move in your arsenal. Good luck.

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