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I had put Totem Marowak to sleep, but it called its ally Pokemon WHILE ASLEEP! Also, it woke up earlier than usual! Why?

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Totem Necrozma was like, what on earth is this? At least Totem Mimikyu and its Z-Crystal helped me, plus I had Revives. Totem Ribombee would have been a little easy if it wasn't thanks to its Quiver Dance.
totem Ribombee was insanely easy compared to Ultra Necrozma, I took it out with Lycanroc's z-move after 1 roto-boost. And Ultra Necrozma can be defeated with a toxic geodude or sturdy facade quick attack combo.
Because it didn't use Quiver Dance.

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A Totem Pokemon's ally calling ability is unaffected by status problems. You write that it woke up earlier than usual. A sleeping Pokemon can still wake up after only two turns, because, in Generation V, onward, sleep only lasts for 1-3 turns. So, Marowak woke up quickly.

Source: Experience.

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