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So I was on Route 8 in Pokemon Y using Sweet Scent a bunch of times (133 times, to be exact) and I found a shiny Wingull. I want to make sure if it is full odds because I don't have a Shiny Charm, but I was actively hunting for the shiny (which is why I recorded my encounters).

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Don't get this mathematician started with probability. I am trying to make a pokemon game by hand that plays like d&d, but development is slow and I have to make sure the math works. It is still fun though, and I only plan it to be played with my friends. To make this comment relevant (since I rambled on... sorry), shiny charm really helps, but you could matsuda breed or horde encounter (since your on Y), if you ever wan't to find a new shiny. As for full odds, Nope. Full odds was a term used back when the DS RNG was 1/8192, since you caught it in a game with "better" "shiny RNG," you haven't caught a full odds, wingull. sumwun, btw, "full odds" is a shiny hunter's term for a shiny pokemon with no rerolling Tids/other ways to increase shiny rates/not from gen6+ because of shiny rate increase.
If you seem to know the answer, why didn't you answer?
I don't know the answer for definite. I need to make sure that what I am suggesting is actually true and that it was full odds. I know what full odds is but I'm not sure if the shiny I caught could classify as full odds or not.
My previous comment was for Stakataka.
I just wanted to make sure, and didn't realize it at the time...

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No, your wingull is not full odds. This is because "full odds" Pokemon need to be caught with the least shiny odds possible (shiny hunters don't count Emerald/Ruby/Sapphire as less odds, but acknowledge that they may be harder to get). Even though your wingull was caught with worst odds in your game, it is half of the odds of the previous games, so shiny hunters don't count it.

Thanks. That means that the hunt for a full odds shiny will continue!
I got a full odds Ekans I caught back in Soul Silver. It is Timid, Female, and named Emily. It was my first shiny and I finally got it transferred to Ultra Moon.
And my step-brother got a full odds Roselia in Platinum. It is a pretty nice shiny and I'm trying to trade with him for it.
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