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I think "full odds" means doing nothing to raise the chance of finding a shiny Pokemon, like not using SOS chains or shiny charms.

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As sumwun said, a full odds shinyhunter is someone who hunts for shinies using the base 1/8192 or 1/4096 chances. The main draw to full odds hunting is that the payoff once you find the shiny is so much greater than when hunting using a particular method.

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Do you think it is worth it in your opinion?
I can say that getting a full odds shiny is just about the sweetest feeling, although I think experience has a lot to do with it. I’d say that the satisfaction is always worth the patience; even if you go way over odds into something like 20,000 encounters, once you finally get it, the fact that you endured through more than you bargained for makes it that much better. But if you don’t have the patience and quit before you get the shiny, then it’s just frustrating and disappointing.
Most people who do full odds hunts are experienced hunters since shinyhunting is kind of like a drug. At first, smaller hunts are enough, but you eventually get used to it and start craving longer, more satisfying hunts. Or you end up like me and get into the habit of always having one, main full odds hunt with frequent breaks to do shorter hunts for confidence boosts.