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Hi I just got a conkeldurr from wifi trade, but it doesn't have the egg moves I want. Do you guys know any pokemon who can be bred with conkeldurr and learn mach punch and drain punch? ps it would be great if the pokemon can be caught from pearl or white! thx for all your help!^^

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Catch a Tyrogue and evolve it into a Hitmonchan. Then, teach it Drain Punch(TM 60 in Pearl) A Meinfoo or Meinshao would also work too. Mach Punch must be remembered.

Hope I helped:)

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Um scolipede he meant a bunch of pokemon not just one
Thx im happy^^
Sorry. I did Hitmonchan for my breeding, and my friends did the others.
Then why did you make his question best alex he just gave you onem I gave you many options
Breloom can learn mach punch. Hope that helps.
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Yes here you go all of these pokemon can plus ditto

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