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I'm in Alpha Sapphire trying to breed my Shuppet with various Pokemon that know Bisable and are in the right egg group, (ie: Jigglypuff, Psyduck, and Duskull. At LEAST one of these is right.) but, whenever I try, it doesn't work.
Can anyone tell me what Pokemon I need to breed Shuppet with to get the move Disable? (I only have 6 badges in the game so far, so my choices may be limited)

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According to serebii, the only parents that can give shuppet easily disable are Grimer, Muk, Duskull, Dusclops, Dusknoir, Yamask, and Cofigrigus. Jigglypuff and Psyduck won work.

Maybe it isn working because of the priority of moves added:
If there are too many candidate moves that the baby can learn, they follow this precedent, with each new move overwriting previous ones:

Level 1 moves.
Moves that the child learns by level up, if both parents have them.
Any compatible TMs, HMs and move tutor moves known by the father.
Any egg moves known by the father.


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Then explain to me why duskull isn't working.
Okay are you telling me to change the order of duskull's moves? or are you telling me to give it random TMs that shuppet cant learn as an egg move? or are you telling me to find the move delete and get rid of everything but disable?
the last one, remove all moves except disable. both parents may have too many moves shuppet can learn, other moves may be prioritized higher than disable. If that's not it, then check around the 2nd page i linked, it has everything on breeding.
or you can teach duskull moves shuppet won't learn
What Im trying to say is: the day care man is saying "they don't like each other all that much"
They'll still breed if the day care person says that. It just takes longer.
oh ok thanks
The 2 seem to get along really well!; 70%
The 2 seem to get along.; 50%
The 2 don't seem to like each other very much.; 20%
The 2 prefer to play with other POKéMON more than each other; 0%(personally i think this percentage should be switched with the third one)