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Besides all legends

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For Ubers: HA Blaziken/Mega Blaziken. They're the only non legendary fire type in Ubers, and they've been OP for a while now.
For VGC: Talonflame
For OU: Mega Charizard (Both X and Y)
(BL) Volcorona and Victini(If you accept Mythical) were also good in ou

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This depends on the format. In VGC, the best one was Talonflame because it had priority when using tailwind and brave bird.
Ok, I'll include the most popular tiers
Isn't mega Blaziken banned?
It's banned in the usage tiers, like OU, UU, etc. It's not banned in Ubers.
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I say that Talonflame is a good choice. It has a good moveset and almost 500 in its base stats, but isn't good for competitive. If you choose the fire type starters, like charmander, fennekin and torchic, it will be better to you to train, gain exp, have a good moves and stats and. I would choose Charizard, since it has two megas to choose and best stats in both. Volkanion is also an awesome Pokemon but you cant catch it normally, only by events. If you choose any of choose any of these for the main gameplay, your team will be almost invencible

He specifically asked for competitive...
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Chandelure @Choice Scarf
Ability: Flash Fire
Evs: 252SpA 252Pse 4HP
Nature: Modest
Shadow Ball
Energy Ball
Dark Pulse

But how is this any better than Blaziken?
It has the highest Special Attack of any non-legendary and non-mega Pokemon ever!
That doesn't matter very much when the opponent can just switch in something that resists its attack.
sumwun, that is true but that is why it has a variety of moves for the moveset so all of chandelures weaknesses can be countered.
Blaziken has that too.