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Most Professors’ areas of research in the games relates to a new game mechanic or aspect of the region they live in.

  • Professor Elm—Pokemon breeding patterns, which relates to breeding being a new game mechanic.
  • Professor Birch—Pokemon habitats, which relates to the Hoenn region being more geographically and ecologically diverse than past regions.
  • Professor Rowan—Pokemon evolution, which relates to the many new evolutions of older Pokemon added this generation .
  • Professor Sycamore—Also Pokemon evolution, but more specifically Mega Evolution, which was introduced this generation.
  • Professor Kukui—Pokemon moves, which relates to Z-Moves.

The only outliers are Professor Oak and Professor Juniper. Oak is understandable considering he’s from the very first games, but can Professor Juniper’s research focus—the origins of Pokemon—tie in to a new mechanic or feature of Generation 5 somehow?

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Birch's and Rowan's specialties also relate to their corresponding game mascots. Groudon and Kyogre embody the land and sea, which are both habitats. Evolution is a specific and significant event, which has a time and a place, which in turn are related to Diagla and Palkia. Maybe origins of Pokemon somehow has something to do with "truth and ideals".
The two legendary mascots were originally one dragon type pokemon, if i remember the pokemon movie with victini correctly, but i can't tell much outside that.
If Juniper's research focused on the origin of pokemon, then it make sense, the origin of pokemons being studied in a land almost without of pokemons originated in other generations lands. And some of thoose pokemons like Archen being said to be the ancestor and origin of another kinds of pokemon, in case of Archen, the ancestor of all bird pokemon.

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No. Actually, Reshiram, Zekrom and Kyurem were a single Dragon. they were splited for the Twin Heroes, who used it to create Unova had two different goals, to seek the Truths or Ideal. And when they were splited, Reshiram sought Truth while Zekrom sought Ideal. They both fought a war for each brothers. But at last, the war tied. Then the twin understood neither Truth nor Ideal is more important. Their descandant continued the resumed fight, and destroyed Unova with Reshiram and Zekrom
And in BW2, you can use DNA Splicers to Splice them with Zekrom or Reshiram into White or Black Kyurem, filling the void with Truth or Ideal.
According to the Legend, once they shared a powerful Dragon but they could not decide whether to pursue Truth or Ideal. And the Dragon split into Reshiram following the Hero of Truth, Zekrom following the Hero of Ideal.
Professor Juniper works about the origins of Pokemon because she wants to know the origins of Tao Trio.
Kukui specilizes on attack, not on Z-moves.

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Well, I didn't down-vote, but Unova was never destroyed :P I watched the movies and played the games.